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Post by Chris » Wed Mar 10, 2010 4:07 pm

Anyone wishing to fly from a South England airport to Corfu/Kontokali, I would recommend the following Airline/Tour Operators flying out of Bournemouth International for 2010. For more details and bookings, click on the following link, PALMAIR - BOURNEMOUTH TO KONTOKALI. Palmair fly out of Bournemouth on a Wednesday at 1500, arriving Corfu at 2015. Return flight departs Corfu at 2115, arriving at Bournemouth at 2230.

This company offers a fantastic accommodation, of which I have visited on many occasions during my stay in the resort, and fully recommend it. This will is the Kontokali Bay Hotel. This hotel is located on its own beach and the beach of Kontokali Bay, and in walking distance to the resort of and Kontokali. For more details on the Kontokali Bay, click on this link, KONTOKALI BAY HOTEL. This is a first classe hotel which caters for all, with its luxurious rooms, hotel facilities, and its own private beach, although other hotels near by can use the beach, but have to pay for the sunbeds and canopies, etc.

Commencing this year, First Choice/Thomsonfly will start a new route from Bournemouth to Corfu, with the same accommodations as above, or see the following First Choice link, KONTOKALI BAY HOTEL. First Choice/Thompsonfly depart Bournemouth on a Monday at 2240, arriving Corfu at 0340, departing Corfu at 0440, arriving Bournemouth at 0550.

Both Palmair and Thomsonfly also offer flight only. See main links for more details.

If anyone requires more help or information, do let me know, I will be glad to help.

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