Messonghi Hotels - Matters of Concern for Workers

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Messonghi Hotels - Matters of Concern for Workers

Post by Chris » Thu Aug 14, 2008 11:19 am

The following news article was taken from the online media source "Corfu Today".


Saturday 9 August delegation of the Prefectural Committee of KKE led by member of Babis Charalambous visited and spoke to workers in hotels Messonghi Beach, Mira Mare, and Barmpella.
According to announcement by the press office of the parliamentarian, "during the debate many of the serious problems faced by workers such as the issue of working conditions, payment, insurance, dwindling ratings falling to heavy and unhealthy, and cruel exploitation of foreign workers." Despite the fact that this year is a good year for hotels, as stressed business executives, despite all these employees have to pay in July. A major problem faced by employees and by increasing the number of ensimon «from 50 to 100» to have medical and hospital care. The placement of a member of the KKE stressed that "declared the disposal of the Government to proceed with the decline of heavy and unhealthy work targets a large share of workers in tourism as waiters, chambermaids, cleaners, etc. and that the shrinkage is leading to even greater profitability. Mr. Charalambous called on workers to strive to address problems in their work places. "The hotels without workers can not operate, employees are those who produce wealth and therefore entitled to everything." It also invited the workers to fight for steady work with rights, 7 hours-5 hours nthimero-35, 1400 euro basic salary. The KKE see any tourism development under a different type of economic development focusing on the needs of workers and other popular strata. "As a secular right and not as a necessity offered for exploitation. Finally informed them until now for actions ekame through parliament and promised that it will continue to stand alongside them to solve the serious problems they face. "

Yeiamas, Chris

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