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ATE Bank Corfu's International Airport


Laiki Bank Aqualand Waterpark


Alpha Bank 75, Voulgareos ST.
Alpha Bank 80, Kapodistriou St.
Alpha Bank Agios Spyridon, Iroon Kypriakou Agonos Sq.
Alpha Bank Hospital - 1, I. Andreadi St.
Alpha Bank Kanalia, Supermarket "Dimitra"
Alpha Bank Sarokou Sq. No1
Alpha Bank Sarokou Sq. No2
ATE Bank 15, Zavitsanou St (Old Port)
ATE Bank 31, Alexantras Ave (Sarokou Sq)
Bank of Attica 7, Rizospaston Voulefton & Polila St.
Bank of Cyprus, 1 Mitropolitou Methodiou St.
Bank of Cyprus. Liston, 11 Kapodistriou St.
Bank of Cyprus. New Port, Office Building
Egnatia Bank Rizospaston Voulefton & Vraila St.
Emporiki Bank 12, Pol. Konstanta St.
Emporiki Bank 130, Theotoki St. New Port
Emporiki Bank 82, E. Voulgareos St.
Emporiki Bank Corfu - Kassiopi Road
Emporiki Bank Old Port
Emporiki Bank Theotoki Sq.
Eurobank 21, Theotoki St.
Eurobank. 2 km, National road to Paleokastritsa,
On "AB VASILOPOULOS" Supermarket
Eurobank 31, Alexandras Ave
Eurobank 97, E. Voulgareos St.
Eurobank KTEL (Central Bus Station)
Eurobank Liston - 46, Kapodistriou St.
First Business Bank 27, Alexandras Ave.
Geniki Bank 3, Samara St.
Geniki Bank KTEL (Central Bus Station)
Laiki Bank 10, Pol. Konstanta St.
National Bank of Greece. National road to Paleokastritsa, on "TROFO" Supermarket
National Bank of Greece. 30, Alexandras Ave, Sarokou Sq. No1
National Bank of Greece. 30, Alexandras Ave, Sarokou Sq. No2
National Bank of Greece. 6, Samara St.
National Bank of Greece. 63, E. Voulgari St. No1
National Bank of Greece. 63, E. Voulgari St No2
Novabank 117, Theotoki St.
Panellinia Bank Corfu - Paleokastritsa National Road, 2 km
Piraeus Bank "LISTON", 10, Eleftherias St.
Piraeus Bank 21, Ioannou Theotoki St.
Postal Bank 30, Theotoki St.
Probank Alexandras & Samara St